RasPad 3-A Portable Raspberry Pi Pad

The ideal programming environment for the Raspberry Pi 4B, the RasPad 3 tablet has a 10.1 inch IPS touchscreen with a 1280×800 resolution, allowing for 10-finger touch control. The RasPad comes with two speakers, a built-in cooling fan, and 5 hours of battery life under normal conditions.

The RasPad’s triangular structure and six-axis acceleration sensor allows for the tablet to be placed flat, upright, or rotated 90°/180°/270° for giving presentations. Easily assembled in only a few simple steps allows for anyone to quickly get started programming anytime, anywhere.

With all the standard Raspberry Pi 4 ports available, including Ethernet, HDMI, Audio, USB, and Power, the RasPad can also be configured to include the Raspberry Pi 40-Pin I/O port breadboarding and prototyping projects. The included CSI interface cable can be used to add a camera, and with one HDMI port reserved for the RasPad tablet interface, the second HDMI port can be utilized for mirroring or extending the display to a second monitor.

The RasPad is compatible with Raspbian, Ubuntu Desktop, Chromium OS, Android, and more, allowing for a customized operating system environment. The RasPad can be utilized as a 3D printer controller, a game console, a programming tablet, or a platform for building IoT projects for smart-home applications.